Great Catfishing Gift Ideas This Christmas

Catfish Gear Christmas Gift Ideas

Tis the holiday season and that means that it’s time to start checking items off your wishlist before it gets too late. Finding the right gifts for catfishermen—especially the serious anglers—can be a tall order considering the many different items to choose from. We at Bottom Dwellers Tackle are here to help you get all the right gear to place in your stockings and under the tree.

Most catfish anglers are very picky about the gear they use, and are also very specific about each piece of tackle that goes into their arsenal. This can make it seem like a bad idea to try to select catfishing gear items for your angler, but we’ve narrowed down the choices for you to the absolute best gear that will undoubtedly put a smile on any fisherman’s face.

We’ve selected some of our best items and hottest deals among our list of gifts for catfishermen to make it as easy as we can to pick out the right item for any catfish enthusiast. This isn’t a complete list of the best catfishing gifts for anglers, but it’s a start for anyone hoping to find a great deal on quality items for the outdoorsman in their friends and family circle.

Abu Garcia 6500 CS Chrome Rocket Reel

For serious catfish anglers, one of the most important pieces of equipment is a solid, tough reel. The Abu Garcia 6500 CS Chrome Rocket Reel is among the absolute best when it comes to toughness and durability in those intense, heart pounding fights with a monster catfish. This item is at the top of our list of catfishing gifts for a good reason as any catfisherman would be thrilled to have their hands on it.

The reel’s toughness is matched only by how well-tuned the casing mechanism is made. The 6500 CS Chrome Rocket Reel features two flat side plates, which contain two ball bearings. With a precision-processed aluminum spool, the spinning action is smooth and effortless. The carbon matrix drag system is ideal for fighting lots of big cats with little effort.

With a 5:3:1 gear ratio, bait clicker, and oversized balance power handle with a soft rubber grip, this is one of the best catfishing gifts and is an angler’s dream that can be a valuable piece of tackle which will last them a lifetime. There are many reasons to see why we have this on our list of catfishing gifts.

Penn Fathom 2 Level Wind Baitcast Reels

Toughness meets stealth and style with the Penn Fathom 2 Level Wind Baitcast Reels. These reels feature a jet black finish to the full metal body, as well as fast gear access side plates. This reel is a total workhorse and is often found in the rod-holders of many professional guides for good reason.

Adding this item to your catfishing gifts list will leave your angler thanking you for a long time to come. The Fathom 2 is ideal for bottom-fishing or casting live bait, making it a go-to reel for professional catfish anglers. The reel also boasts the powerful HT-100 drag system to make sure no fish gets away from your angler. Make no mistake, the Fathom 2 is one of the best on the market and is easily one of the most wanted items on our list of catfishing gifts.

Quarrow 110 LB Digital Fishing Scale

The Quarrow 110 LB Digital Fishing Scale is perhaps one of the best stocking stuffers we could offer, as well as the perfect catfishing gifts item for any angler’s tackle box. Having a good, reliable set of scales often proves to be invaluable to any fisherman and the Quarrow 110 LB Digital Fishing Scale certainly measures up well against other brands. There are plenty of reasons why we decided to add this to our list of catfishing gifts.

The sleek, ergonomic body allow quick and easy one-handed operation, which is key for anyone who’s ever tried to wrestle a mammoth catfish and use a set of scales at the same time. The backlit digital screen allows for a clear readout day or night. The scale can also easily switch between pounds, kilograms, grams or ounces for a super accurate weight to within 0.1 pounds.

The Quarrow 110 LB Digital Fishing Scale is currently one of the most popular items on our Christmas specials and will be the perfect addition to your catfishing gifts list. These scales may be small, but they pull their weight in being among one of the best catfish gifts we can offer. Be sure to get one for each angler in your friends and family circle!

Spiderwire Christmas Specials

No list of holiday catfishing gifts would be complete without an inclusion of what many anglers consider to be the best fishing line on the market. Our selection of Spiderwire Christmas Specials features any and every poundage your angler could ever want in the Spiderwire Stealth Braid line.

Choose between green, yellow, camo, invisible, or even glowing braided line from Spiderwire and tuck a spool of this line into your angler’s stocking. Spiderwire Stealth Braid features thin diameter, superior strength and ultimate sensitivity. With Teflon® treated micro-fibers, the Spiderwire Stealth Braid line smoothly the guides for longer casts and the rounded shape will reduce backlash.

Get your spool of Spiderwire Stealth Braid now before we sell out and take advantage of an additional 10% off, which makes this one of the most popular items among our list of catfishing gifts for the 2018 holiday season.

We hope this list of catfishing gifts serves you well and helps you select the perfect gift for your angler!

To celebrate the 2018 Christmas season, our family at Bottom Dwellers Tackle would like to thank each of you for the continued support over the years. We are greatly appreciative of our customers and friends that enjoy the same passion for the outdoors as we do. We hope you find our Christmas Specials from Bottom Dwellers Tackle helpful during the Christmas season.

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