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RediRig release floats let you position your baits at any depth and hold it there, even on a drift or slow troll. The RediRig floats attach to your line in seconds without having to tie them to your line. On the hook-set, the pull on line releases the line from the rubber grips then slides freely along your line, so you can land the fish without stopping to fight the tackle.
Freshwater: If you fish for landlocked Stripers or big Catfish this float will increase your hookups. Be sure to use circle hooks with this rig to increase your catch ratio. Floating suckers under this float for Muskies and large Pike will have your rods bending this season.

Saltwater: Our most popular float with Striper and Tuna fisherman. Countless Pros rely on his float to hookup with 30+ pound fish for their clients. Easy to use and reliable. It's a must for your tackle box if you target these fish.

From the manufacture:
RediRig products are designed to help you Fight the Fish, Not the Tackle’ with our Patented Release System. All RediRig products are made with stainless steel parts, hi-density foam, rigid vinyl and polymer parts.  Every RediRig product is made proudly in the USA. A family operated business since 1998, we stand behind each and every product. If you are not completely satisfied simply return the products to us for a full refund.