Danco Live Well and Bait Well Venturi


CA Warning

Live Well and Bait Well Aerators

  • Engineered Multi-Ported Venturi Creates Millions of Microscopic Bubbles..
  • Air (oxygen) enters the Water Stream AFTER the Water travels through the Pump.
  • Water Flow Through the Pump is NOT Affected if the Air Volume is Metered.
  • Extremely Strong Air Suction – Can be Used with Tank Depths 4 Ft. and Greater without affecting air flow.
  • Tests Show this Multi-Ported Venturi will Deliver More Air (Dissolved Oxygen) to Your Live Well in the Shortest Time when Compared to the Leading Competitors. Models and Sizes to Fit Your Needs.
  • Retrofit Your Aerator with our Venturi Kits.
  • SAFELY add Pure Oxygen to Live Wells since the Aerator is Downstream of the Pump.
  • Pure Oxygen Flowing through any Electro-Mechanical Device is Considered Extremely Dangerous.