Thee Fisherman’s Soap – 8oz Pump Bottle


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Thee Fisherman’s Soap is a liquid odor eliminator that removes those foul fishy odors from your hands after catching and cleaning your fish…just wet your hands, apply soap, scrub and rinse. It’s that easy!

It has secret ingredients that do not dry out your hands, and leaves them feeling soft and odor free. Thee Fisherman’s Soap also works very well to remove skunk, onion, catfish bait, and cigarette odors, just to name a few.

People have said they catch more fish when washing their hands with Thee Fisherman’s Soap BEFORE they fish to remove their human scent and other odors. Also works great to clean your coolers and live wells. It is biodegradable and non-toxic.

Available in three sizes: The new 8oz pump bottle, 4oz squeeze bottle, and 1oz squeeze bottle.

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